Background Info and FAQ

What is the Annual Fund?
The Hillcrest Annual Fund helps the school cover operational expenses, improve facilities, and further the mission of HCS.  It is the most effective way for parents, family, and alumni to contribute to the success of the school

Isn't that what tuition is for?
Tuition alone is not enough. Even the most expensive private schools in the state depend on annual fund donations to cover their budget – and Hillcrest's tuition is less than half the cost of those schools.

Where does the money go?
100% of the money (minus the 2.2% card transaction fee) is deposited directly into an account set up by the school.  No other third party is getting a cut.  The school uses the money to cover gaps in the operational budget as well as funding improvements to school facilities.

Are donations tax deductible?
Yes! All donations are 100% tax deductible. 

Can I just mail a check instead? 
Yes! But please consider the ease of the setting up an automatically recurring donation. If you wish to pay by check, just indicate "Hillcrest Annual Fund" in the memo and mail to:

Hillcrest Christian
Attn: Paige Taleisnik
4060 S. Siwell Rd.
Jackson, MS 39212

Have more questions? 
Feel free to email us or contact the school at 601-372-0149.


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